Insights from Taylor Wiederkehr on the Future of In-Unit Tech: Highlights from the Builder Innovator Panel

Integrating advanced technologies within residential units rapidly transforms our lives in an ever-evolving real estate landscape. PropTech IQ’s Founder & CEO, Taylor Wiederkehr, recently participated in a forward-thinking panel discussion on “The Future of In-Unit Tech” at the Builder Innovator event. This panel explored the emerging technologies to revolutionize in-unit living by 2025, 2028, and 2030. We’ve broken down the insights into seven central benefits of tech—smart, safe, connected, green, healthy, entertaining, and productive—and highlighted the key features room by room.

1. Smart Technology

– Great Room/Kitchen: Voice-activated assistants controlling appliances and lighting.
– Master Bed and Bath: Smart mirrors displaying daily schedules and weather updates.
– Office: AI-powered ergonomic furniture that adjusts to user preferences.
– Balcony/Patio: Automated plant watering systems.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Integrated kitchen systems that suggest recipes based on available ingredients.
– Master Bed and Bath: Personalized climate control for optimal sleep environments.
– Office: Smart desks that monitor posture and provide real-time feedback.
– Balcony/Patio: Smart shading systems that adjust based on sunlight.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Fully automated kitchens with robotic chefs.
– Master Bed and Bath: Smart toilets with health monitoring capabilities.
– Office: Virtual reality workspaces for immersive remote collaboration.
– Balcony/Patio: Augmented reality (AR) gardens that can be customized with digital overlays.

2. Safe Technology

– Great Room/Kitchen: Smart locks and security cameras.
– Master Bed and Bath: Emergency alert systems integrated into smart mirrors.
– Office: Encrypted data storage for home office networks.
– Balcony/Patio: Motion-sensor lighting for increased security.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Biometric entry systems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Health monitoring systems integrated into furniture.
– Office: Advanced cybersecurity systems for remote workers.
– Balcony/Patio: Smart fences with intrusion detection.

– Great Room/Kitchen: AI-driven threat detection systems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Predictive health analytics through smart devices.
– Office: Quantum encryption for data security.
– Balcony/Patio: Drones for perimeter security.

3. Connected Technology

– Great Room/Kitchen: Unified control hubs for smart home devices.
– Master Bed and Bath: Integrated entertainment systems.
– Office: High-speed, reliable Wi-Fi coverage.
– Balcony/Patio: Wireless speakers for outdoor entertainment.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Seamless device interoperability.
– Master Bed and Bath: Smart home assistants with personalized profiles.
– Office: 5G connectivity for ultra-fast internet speeds.
– Balcony/Patio: Outdoor Wi-Fi extenders.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Fully interconnected smart home ecosystems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Integrated virtual assistants capable of managing all home systems.
– Office: Holographic communication systems.
– Balcony/Patio: Smart grids for energy-efficient outdoor spaces.

4. Green Technology

– Great Room/Kitchen: Energy-efficient appliances.
– Master Bed and Bath: Low-flow fixtures and smart thermostats.
– Office: Energy-saving lighting solutions.
– Balcony/Patio: Solar-powered outdoor lighting.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Waste-reducing food management systems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Smart water heaters.
– Office: Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.
– Balcony/Patio: Solar panels integrated into roofing.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Fully sustainable kitchen systems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Greywater recycling systems.
– Office: Net-zero energy home offices.
– Balcony/Patio: Renewable energy storage solutions.

5. Healthy Technology

– Great Room/Kitchen: Air quality monitors.
– Master Bed and Bath: Sleep trackers.
– Office: Ergonomic furniture.
– Balcony/Patio: Air-purifying plants.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Nutritional guidance systems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Stress-reducing lighting.
– Office: Smart desks with built-in exercise equipment.
– Balcony/Patio: Outdoor fitness equipment.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Personalized nutrition plans integrated into smart fridges.
– Master Bed and Bath: Comprehensive health monitoring systems.
– Office: Wellness pods for relaxation and focus.
– Balcony/Patio: Fully equipped outdoor wellness centers.

6. Entertaining Technology

– Great Room/Kitchen: Smart TVs with streaming services.
– Master Bed and Bath: Integrated sound systems.
– Office: High-quality video conferencing tools.
– Balcony/Patio: Outdoor projectors.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Immersive home theater systems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Interactive entertainment walls.
– Office: Multi-screen setups for productivity and entertainment.
– Balcony/Patio: Outdoor entertainment hubs.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Virtual reality entertainment systems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Fully immersive virtual environments.
– Office: Holographic displays for work and entertainment.
– Balcony/Patio: Augmented reality entertainment spaces.

7. Productive Technology

– Great Room/Kitchen: Automated grocery management systems.
– Master Bed and Bath: Morning routine automation.
– Office: AI-driven task management tools.
– Balcony/Patio: Outdoor workstations.

– Great Room/Kitchen: AI assistants for meal planning.
– Master Bed and Bath: Productivity-enhancing lighting.
– Office: Advanced collaboration tools.
– Balcony/Patio: Climate-controlled outdoor work areas.

– Great Room/Kitchen: Robotic kitchen assistants.
– Master Bed and Bath: Smart mirrors with daily planners.
– Office: Fully integrated AI work companions.
– Balcony/Patio: Autonomous outdoor office pods.

The future of in-unit technology is incredibly promising, with advancements set to enhance every aspect of residential living. As Taylor highlighted during the panel, the key to staying ahead lies in understanding and adopting these technologies to maximize their benefits. Whether it’s making homes smarter, safer, greener, or more connected, the next decade will undoubtedly see significant transformations.

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