Engage decision-makers and accelerate your sales cycle

PropTech IQ's data driven impact reports empower your sales teams to have more effective conversations with multifamily decision-makers.

With a report that can be produced in minutes, it’s easier to reduce the analysis burden of pilot programs and reduce the barriers to a decision.

Vendor benefits

By using PropTech IQ, vendors can reduce the need for time-consuming pilots and speed up their sales cycle by an average of 50%.

Vendors can articulate their value proposition quickly—and with third-party validation—so decision-makers don’t have to play guessing games. What’s more, multifamily companies that wouldn’t normally be able to run a pilot can still validate proptech value.

Vendors can enter a few basic details about a community and generate an accurate impact report on demand—so it’s easier to standardize quotes and be more agile.

See how you can reimagine proptech investment.

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