Proptech expertise, your light in the dark

When deciding to implement a new PropTech solution at your asset it is important to know what you are getting into before it’s too late. You may choose to hire a new person internally or a 3rd party consultant to manage this role for your organization, but this can increase the time it takes to get started.

If the individual is not already a Subject Matter Expert it can potentially take an additional 3-6 months for them to become familiar with the PropTech industry and its players, this is not including any additional time needed for them to understand your current technology stack and its integrations. Even with the time spent learning the ropes of your organization and the PropTech industry it is still possible for the person you trust to suggest a solution that is not the best fit for your business needs.

Why add the time, expense, and risk of putting your PropTech implementation in rough waters if you don’t have to?

PropTech Expertise You Can Trust

PropTechIQ was founded by a team of experts with over 20+ years of combined experience in the MDU industry. They have also overseen some of the biggest PropTech implementations at NMHC Top Ten MDU Management companies. When you engage the Vendor Comparison Service you can be assured that the expert you speak with knows the MDU industry and its unique needs as well as the PropTech industry and its current offerings.

As part of the service, an industry expert will work with you to determine the best PropTech solutions for you. They provide real world data-backed analysis based on your business strategy, budget, goals, and current tech stack to help you understand the:

Potential Impact that a PropTech implementation can have on your bottom line

Provide context regarding vendors and solutions that match your business needs and goals

Present options from reputable vendors that work well with your existing systems

With this valuable context you can continue the journey to PropTech implementation with confidence. However, once you have information from a source you can trust and are ready to move forward you may ask yourself ‘Now what?’

Assistance beyond Vendor Selection

If you utilize an internal hire or consultant this is usually the point where you must trust them to get through process of pricing and contract negotiation while keeping your best interests in mind. While some people are skilled at negotiation and can navigate these rough waters with little effort, others struggle to confidently work through this process.

PropTech IQ can be the lighthouse guiding you to safe harbors. They have taken a different approach with how they manage relationships with vendors that allows them to be your vendor liaison throughout the negotiation process. With their help you can feel confident that you have made the best decision and received the best deal possible.

PropTech IQ won’t leave you stranded without a lifeline. Their goal is to get you to and through the start of your PropTech implementation as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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